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Teal Services

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi

(With your food and my basket, the people will thrive)

What It Means To Be Teal...

Throughout time, we grew from basic survival instinct mode, to the establishment of ancient cities, through the current technological-industrial economy, and now human-oriented response of modern social democracies.


The world as we know it is now a complex and complicated environment, and that the answers needed to move us forward requires us to integrate everything we’ve learnt to take us to the next phase of growth. In academia, this next phase in human consciousness is known as the Teal stage.




The Answers Lie With Us

Our experience with some of New Zealand’s most recognisable organisations and leaders in strategy and co-design, transformation, operations, programme and project management, have given us insight and experience to help guide your business through the uncertainty, and help support you to get the edge, and to go to the next level.


Our proven ability to not only build a plan based on human-centred design for delivering excellent products and services to achieve customer experience outcomes, continues to be one of the reasons why we are excited to continue working with you to achieve your business and community goals and outcomes.


What We Do

Having Courage And Honesty Through Collectiveness

Every business is different – our strength is to respectfully work together to build and grow your business system. This will be as the entire business, or as a part of your entire business. We acknowle that your business is different, and that a checklist approach won't work.

We work fast, and move fast to give you solution options based on your specific needs. We make sure that our collective efforts continue to align to the underlying principles of your business. We'll do this together through our own values, instilled by a strong sense of culture and spirituality that emanates through the land, sea, and sky.


Some Of Our Toolkit...

Teal offers a range of solution to ensure a fit for purpose approach tested, understood and adapted iteratively.

Our toolkit includes:

• Co-design statements of work;

• Facilitation of stakeholder engagements and workshops;

Business cases, investments logic and benefit realisation development;

Design and delivery of outcome frameworks based on previous cross-agency / regional experiences.
• Development of epics and user stories, high-level and detailed requirements;

• Business process mapping, continuous improvement and operational process modelling.



Our Clients

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